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My Oedipus Complex Essay

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  • on October 18, 2013
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My Oedipus Complex - Analysis
What is the Oedipus complex, and how does it look like when played in real life? "My Oedipus Complex” is a story which answers this question very well. Michal Francis O’Connor O’Donovan, known as Frank O’Connor, is the author of: "My Oedipus Complex". "My Oedipus Complex" is a short story which is a part of the short story collection; "The Stories of Frank O'Connor". This collection of short stories, was published in 1952 it featured both old and new written stories from Frank O'Conner. "My Oedipus Complex" was one of the new stories.
"My Oedipus Complex" is the story of a young boy named Larry.   Larry's father was in the army all through the First World War. Larry did therefore mostly spend time at home alone with his mother. Larry was used to this situation and he liked it. Then the father returns home from the war and destroys the relationship between Larry and the mother be taking away some of the mothers attention. Larry will not allow the father to take any attention away from him and this starts Larry’s Oedipus complex. Larry sees no other option than for the father to leave, and when he won't, Larry starts to fight for the mother's love and affection. The Oedipus complex in Larry's case is so severe that Larry wants the father to simply disappear ”Do you think if I prayed hard God would send Daddy back to the war?"(p.3,line 40). Larry’s Oedipus complex is first resolved when the mother gives birth to Sonny, whom then naturally wins the fight for the mothers love and affection.          
Larry is a young boy who spends almost all his time together with his mother. We don’t get any physical description of Larry and we don’t hear about Larry’s friends, which probably means he doesn’t have any. Larry can’t discuss problems with his friends, since he doesn’t have any. Larry must therefore discuss problems with his mother, but if that doesn’t help, he will discuss it with Mrs. Left and Mrs. Right. Mrs. Left and Mrs. Right is the...

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