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Myth Essay

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  • on September 20, 2012
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Ben Mitchell

Manipulation of the Crowd

      Antony made a very good speech in front of crowd that was already in favor of conspirators. Antony's words were really fooling, and he used the paraphrase "honorable men" for conspirators many times with.

      Antony deals with the question of Caesar's Ambition, Antony reminded people that Caesar is the one who brought back the prisoners to Rome. He proved that Brutus was wrong. "He hath brought many captives home to Rome" (Act III scene 2 line 86), "When that poor have cried, Caesar hath wept" (Act III scene 2 line 89). He showed his feeling towards Caesar's death and claimed that people of Rome do not have any feelings. This made people of Rome understand what Anthony is saying, the people were now starting to understand were Anthony was coming from.

Antony realized that the people were starting to support him as he heard comments of the people; he now started to talk freely. Antony exited the people and he wanted to make them angry. So said that he found Caesar's and if they read it, they will kiss Caesar's wound and dip their handkerchief in his sacred blood. "And they would go and kiss dead Caesar's wounds, and dip their napkins in his sacred blood" (Act III scene 2 lines 130-131). Antony denied reading his will so that the people get more excited and angry at the conspirators that killed Caesar.

Antony showed Caesars dead body to people, he showed the wounds, then a tear made by Brutus, he said Caesar loved Brutus. He showed the place where Caesar died and this made people cry. He made the people trust him with his speech. Antony finally called the conspirators traitors and the people started to get very angry started to get angry at the conspirators.

Antony read the will of Caesar because the crowd was supporting him. Antony announced that Caesar has left 75 drachmas for each roman, Caesar left his private parks and bower walks and many other things that made the people think that...

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