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Myth of Liberal Peace Essay

  • Submitted by: mangalafdo
  • on January 5, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Myth of “Liberal Peace”

Will there be any opportunity for real “peace” in the contemporary world order? Is global peace under capitalism possible? What is the good behind all these western countries trying their utmost best to bring peace to the Middle Eastern, African, Latin American and Asian countries? Does the international community want real and genuine peace and prosperity in Sri Lanka? These are the questions that have been haunting in my mind when contemplating on contemporary world order. Well…the answers may deserve a detailed explanation.

Global peace in theory is possible. But, global peace under current form of capitalism is questionable. The relationship between capitalism and international conflict is no left-wing conspiracy theory; it is recognised even in classical economics. To coin a phrase from the famous liberal economist of the last century J.A. Hobson, capitalism is the “tap root” of imperialism. War under capitalism has more benefits and functions for elites and ruling classes than peace. War gives the ruling classes in the advanced capitalist countries (the core countries of the world capitalist system i.e. Western Europe, the United States and Japan--The Trilateral region) more benefits: wealth and power. War has industrial, technological, demographic, ideological, social, economic and political functions and advantages for the ruling classes in these countries more than peace. Therefore, world peace is unnecessary and undesirable by such ruling classes and elites.

Today, the world order is largely based on power imbalance: between “few” advanced capitalist countries and the “rest of the world”. These few developed countries are characterised by development and growth. The rest of the world is characterised by poverty, deprivation, destitution, and dependency. China and Russia, which at rare occasions make some progressive socio political decisions at world level, too largely represent western political and economic interests....

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