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Narrative Essay

  • Submitted by: daxesh
  • on January 24, 2013
  • Category: English
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  Unforgottable mango
Looking back in my childhood,many memmories are floating on my mind.It includes lots of gaming,activities,foolishness as wll learning from   experience.Among them one incident clicks on my mind whenever i am looking towards mango or mango tree because in my early days i felt down and hurt while   getting mango from tree.
I was about seven to eight year old lived in a small town surrounded by big farms having lots of mango trees.In summer large varities of mango seen every where on trees .As being young children me and my friends were very courious in this season whenever we had a free times we going to eat mangoes in farm.That time i was more quisine ,foolish than others,and used to to be crazy when exposed to mango.
One day,in summer   vacation we all friends got time to go for hunting mangoes and we find one farm having different varieties of it.I been excited and climbed one tree having no control on my self   that what i am doing.I went towards the branch of tree having bunch of mangoes,but that branch not strong enough to hold my weight. As result of it, when i was busy in eating and gathering mango that broke.So, i came down with it and all mangoes.I become blind for some times.
When i open   my eyes i felt excruciating pain in my left arm .I cried out and skrimed a lot.One of my friend called one person passing from there,who took me to the hospital quickly and i was observed by doctor in emergency room.He carefully manipulate my arm and finally put the elbow joint back into proper place again.All that time i was in asort of daze as the pain was really terrible.I was lucky that there were no bone was broken ,so i did not have to stay in hospital.I left hospital with my dad and felt happy that i was saved by god.Result of that i decided not to clime trees for mango.
  All in all,it was painfull but unforgottable experience which taste me sourness of mango.From that incident i got lession that do not do like...

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