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Narrative Comparison Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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A Happy Accident
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It was a strange and unnerving sight to see everything my family owned covered in endless plastic sheets. Surely if anyone happened to witness the house in this disarray it would appear as if somebody had died. The floors looked like a field that had been covered with an early morning fog. At this point, a stranger to the home wouldn’t even be able to tell if the floor they stood on was finished with carpeting or not. All they would be able to see was waves and waves of plastic with some subtle color fighting to be taken noticed of by pressing lightly against the blanket that hid it. Even the furnishing that had filled our home were struggling to make their identities known. The tarps draped down all sides of the armchairs and couches making them look as if they were rising up from beneath the pool of plastic that had filled the room. The lamps looked like ghosts with their coverings and because they had been moved from their usual homes in the room, they gave off an even eerier mist of paranormal.
I startled as the tarp beneath my foot made a loud rustling noise. I was not accustomed to this type of reaction from my flooring and was instantly caught off guard. I carefully made my way across the small hallway that led visitors from the front door into our family room. With each step, no matter how conscious I became in making my footsteps light, the plastic wrinkled and rustled filling the room of ghosts with a ghastly noise. I made my way across the family room with the hairs on my neck standing straight up. I could hear the footsteps of my brothers behind me. They stomped and almost raced around the room without any regard for the ruckus they were causing. Unlike me, my brothers seemed to be really enjoying our new reactive floor covering and they were soon eager to make as much noise as they possibly could.
Suddenly a booming crash echoed in the family room. I immediately swiveled around, anxiously scanning the...

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