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Native Son Essay

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  • on January 8, 2013
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​In Richard Wright’s Native Son, readers are told of the tragic story of Bigger Thomas’s life while being oppressed by society by being racially discriminated. Bigger is a young black man who lives in Chicago, Illinois during the 1930s. At that time, society was extreme with the social and political injustice. He struggles to survive in this society by just trying to be employed in the troubling times of the 1930s. Bigger is needier of a job because he needs to help provide for himself as well as his family. He eventually picks up a job as a driver of Mary Dalton, who is the daughter of a rich, white family. Since they are living in such a corrupt environment, the role of politics and social issues naturally becomes the undertones in the novel. From Bigger working for the Daltons to simply living as a young black man in Chicago, political and social issues influence many literary elements such as plot, setting, climax, exposition, character development, and resolution.
​As far as political issues go, Wright uses the justice system as an example of how fair and corrupt it can be at the same time. It’s obvious that fairness and equality are not a part of the American political system’s morals. The most notable event to represent this opinion is the police force, only attentive to the wellness and concerns of all white people. In the police’s eyes, the struggles or harm of a black man is none of their business or furthermore, concern. In Book One when Bigger tries to think of a successful bank job, he justifies that “it was much easier and safer to rob their own people, for they knew that white police men never really searched diligently for Negroes who committed crimes against other Negroes” (pg. 14), showing just how corrupt the society was as well as the law system. By robbing Blum’s, the real attention will be on them rather than when Bigger used to always only rob from his own race. By this example, Wright shows us one of the many political issues in the novel...

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