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Native Son Essay

  • Submitted by: ac1042
  • on October 18, 2013
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Andrew Cade
Professor Karima Haynes
Mass communication

I chose to write about the Native Son, by Richard Wright. The book takes place in the 1930’s, in Chicago where conditions for African American’s were harsh. This novel is about a poor young black male living in poverty with his family. The main character of the book is Bigger Thomas. Bigger lived in a one-bedroom apartment with his mother and two siblings. Bigger is very frustrated by his living conditions and believes that he has no control over his life. Anger, fear, and frustration define his feelings towards the white community. His mother repeatedly attempts to convince him to take a job offer from a rich white man named Dr. Dalton. Instead of taking the job from Mr. Dalton, Bigger meets with his friends to plan the robbery of a white man’s store. When the plan doesn’t work out, Bigger with no other options, and takes a job from Mr. Dalton as a chauffeur.
On his first day of work, Bigger drives Mr. Daltons daughter Mary to meet her communist boyfriend Jan. Mary and Jan intimidate Bigger, which makes him angry during most of the car ride. Mary and Jan force Bigger to take them to a black own restaurant, where they ordered rum. As time goes by all three of them get drunk. Bigger then drives them back to their homes. Mary is too drunk to make it out the car on her own. Bigger helps her out the car to her room and then begins to kiss her. Just as Bigger places her on the bed, Mary’s blind mother walks in the room. To avoid being found in Mary’s room by her blind mother, he covers Mary’s face with a pillow. Fearing that Mary may say something and alarm her mother, Bigger accidently suffocates Mary with the pillow and kills her. He attempts to cover up the murder. When Bigger is asked about Mary’s whereabouts he blame’s Mary’s boyfriend Jan. Jan was a communist and Mary’s father disliked him. Mr. Dalton hired a private investigator, who quickly blames Bigger simply because he was black....

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