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Nature Essay

  • Submitted by: azad2050
  • on November 12, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Nature" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, a well – known leader of the transcendentalist movement in his poem “Fate” explains that a person’s life is fully controlled by fate or destiny as we call it and supernatural forces or greater beings control an individual’s life for better or worse.
It is fate which can help a man in gaining fortune and also a great life. The proof that fate controls everyone’s life is that some people fail to gain phenomenal results even though the keep on trying hard when the others gain success by investing a little amount of hard work. It is the result of fate that one individual is born in a rich family and another in a poor family.

Fate is the master of each and everything. Emerson here truly explains the importance of fate in our lives but fails to mention the fact that on can become the master of his fate if he is determined to make both ends meet at any cost.

It is fate that can turn a beggar into a king and a king into a beggar. We should never disrespect an individual because you never know what unexpected turn of events can change someone’s life.

When Emerson states “Deep in the man sits fast his fate, to mold his fortunes mean or great, unknown to Cromwell as to me, Was Cromwell’s measure or degree, unknown to him as his horse, if he than his groom be better or worse.”

He makes one point clear, the fact that the game of fate cannot be understood by anyone be it him, his friend Cromwell or be it Cromwell’s horse. No living being can understand the nature of fate and how fate turns the events in the favour of an individual or against him.

Fate works in mysterious ways unknown to mankind. Each and every individual at some point of time has to bow down to fate and has to understand that his life is controlled by fate and fate alone.

Emerson has beautifully explained the course of fate in his poem and most of the readers will agree with the fact that at one point or the other they have experienced the strength of fate and its...

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