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Nature Essay

  • Submitted by: lappysnose
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: English
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Nature Essay
As I sit outside I feel all of my troubles leaving me. I have no stress. There is nothing on my mind. I am completely relaxed. I feel as if everything around me has stopped, and I have all the time in the world. I am at one with myself.
I lift my head up and I look upon a sea of green grass. I then realize that the sky is a beautiful shade of blue, and there is not a cloud in sight. I can feel the sun's rays reaching out, and warming me to a perfect temperature. As I scan the tranquil scene in front of me, I begin to gaze upon a massive tree.
The tree which I am looking at is very distinguished. This tree is absolutely massive. As I look at the tree, I start to see that are so many different grooves and markings on it. I examine each groove and marking, and I start to become lost while looking at it. As I continue up the tree, I notice all of the branches protruding out from the trunk out of the tree. I then start to examine the leaves on the branches. I have never studied a tree before, but now I understand that there are so many things going on with a tree that are not apparent from a distance.
As I gaze upon the magnificent tree, I notice a squirrel on one of the branches. The squirrel had a beautiful, brown coat of fur with a white belly. It had little, fat cheeks, tiny ears, and dark brown eyes. The squirrel's tail was standing straight up. This squirrel seemed very aware of its' surroundings. Suddenly, the squirrel runs down the trunk of the tree, seemingly defying gravity. Once the squirrel gets to the base of the tree, it comes to an abrupt stop. Then, the squirrel pick up an acorn, and starts to nibble on it. Once it is finished with the acorn, the squirrel scurries off, down the field, out of my sight.
As I sit and take in everything around me I begin to feel an interesting feeling. I feel as though I have left my body and I am looking down at myself. I feel at one with nature, and all of its' inhabitants. I feel like I belong...

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