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Nazi in Power Essay

  • Submitted by: NinaV1
  • on August 3, 2015
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The final alliance of the Nazi Party’s supremacy within the German state catalyzed the introduction of an ideology that indorsed the formation of a new society in which class division and social conflict had been eradicated, and a national community composed of ethnically pure Aryans had been established in its domicile. The subsequent totalitarian regime was maintained in part by the multifaceted structure of the Nazi state; however, it owes a substantial amount of its sustained accomplishment to the popularity of Hitler, which was achieved through the formation of an image that embodied triumph over the economic complications of the early 1930s and the beginning of a strong leadership which would restore Germany to its former status in the world. Under Nazi decree a series of social vicissitudes occurred within German Society which affected several groups of its population. These changes included the formation of the Hitler Youth, which required to proselytize Nazi views into the minds of the young people of Germany and therefore effect an enduring social transformation, and an upsurge in the social pressure on women in Nazi Germany to adapt to the traditional protagonists of mother and housewife in accordance with conventional Nazi beliefs. German culture was controlled for the purpose of conforming to the values promoted by V ideology, which in turn was further sanctioned by abundant propaganda. Terror and repression became the preferred tool in clearing out rivals and disheartening the efforts of German citizens to resist the nation-wide conformity inherent within the Nazi state, however it was unsuccessful in the restraining all forms of antagonism. Perhaps the most radical effort on behalf of the Nazi Party in effecting a change in German Society lay in its racial policy, which resulted in the maltreatment of races that were deemed “inferior” in an effort to pave the way towards an Aryan dominant race. In vindictiveness of the ruthlessness of the social...

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