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Ncea Teaching Listening Essay

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Teaching Listening
NCLRC is a joint project of Georgetown University, The George Washington University, and the Center for Applied Linguistics. http://www.nclrc.org/essentials/
Goals and Techniques for Teaching Listening
Strategies for Developing Listening Skills
Developing Listening Activities
1. Goals and Techniques for Teaching Listening  
Instructors want to produce students who, even if they do not have complete control of the grammar or an extensive lexicon, can fend for themselves in communication situations. In the case of listening, this means producing students who can use listening strategies to maximize their comprehension of aural input, identify relevant and non-relevant information, and tolerate less than word-by-word comprehension.
Focus: The Listening Process
To accomplish this goal, instructors focus on the process of listening rather than on its product.
  * They develop students' awareness of the listening process and listening strategies by asking students to think and talk about how they listen in their native language.
  * They allow students to practice the full repertoire of listening strategies by using authentic listening tasks.
  * They behave as authentic listeners by responding to student communication as a listener rather than as a teacher.
  * When working with listening tasks in class, they show students the strategies that will work best for the listening purpose and the type of text. They explain how and why students should use the strategies.
  * They have students practice listening strategies in class and ask them to practice outside of class in their listening assignments. They encourage students to be conscious of what they're doing while they complete listening tape assignments.
  * They encourage students to evaluate their comprehension and their strategy use immediately after completing an assignment. They build comprehension checks into in-class and out-of-class listening...

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