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Negotiations Self Appraisal Paper

  • Submitted by: ryansanders
  • on January 6, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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Managerial Negotiations, Self appraisal paper

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“500 million in shares with 200 million in earn-outs and retention bonuses over 3 years after acquisition.” Pat Green looked at me inquisitively as he pushed the agreement draft towards me over the grand Victorian era table, although his face bore the same mask with that never changing amicable smile. I know that mask. Eerily familiar façade I have gotten used to seeing in high stake negotiations table over the past 5 few years.

I paused for a moment and looked at the vast expanse of blue sky through the massive window of my Presidential suite, momentarily oblivious of the presence of some of the smartest negotiators on planet that consisted this delegation team sent by \ flinching, honed to perfection with years of practice and experience.

This was going to my last deal, also possibly the biggest; and I have grown more and more reflective and contemplative over the last few years of my stellar career. In 2032, at merely 46 years of age, I have done it all. Like a raging race horse, I have chased down goals and dreams and more goals. Founded 5 mega successful startups over the last 20 years and widely regarded as the best serial entrepreneur of my generation, ] many things; but underneath all the pseduonames and labels I have been showered with, I knew what I really was: a naturally gifted and well trained negotiator.

“What do you think of our proposal Raeid?” It was impossible to miss Pat’s distinct Harvard accent. “You tell me Pat, how would you feel about this offer if you were me?” I shifted my poise with a controlled movement.

Tolaxt Co. was the first startup I founded right out of school, along with my brother, who was a senior software engineer at Google then. I was fiercely ambitious, but completely naïve about how to run a business. I struggled a lot with Tolaxt, bringing it back to feet from the brink so many times in...

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