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Neolithic Revolution Essay

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  • on October 4, 2012
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Neolithic Revolution
We wouldn't be staying in one place for long, because we would be moving around hunting and gathering for our food. We wouldn't have time for school or a lot of the things we do because we need food and it wouldn't be easy to find in one place. The Neolithic revolution was the most transformative event in history because it was the beginning of agriculture. With not having to hunt and chase for our food we could stay in one spot, which developed into urban centers. This gave us the ability to trade because not everyone had to spend their time on getting food. We still had people working on the farms, but since not everyone had to do that, there was people who could be craftsmen or warriors.
Can you imagine having to wake up and go hunt for your food instead of going to school? Now, because of the revolution we have farms that make the food and we just simply go to the grocery store. This made everything a lot more convenient. But how did the Neolithic revolution start?
The Neolithic Revolution started in the "fertile crescent" also known as Mesopotamia, but now called Iraq. It spread all into china, the Americas, parts of Africa and New Guinea.

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All of this is known as the Neolithic’s Agricultural Revolution, and consequences of the Neolithic’s Age is that they started to settle down. They also organizing communities, and building houses for them to settle down and live for the rest of their lives. The Neolithic's Age was a shift from hunting and gathering to keeping animals and growing food on a regular basis. This was done to follow the animals that would migrate to the south during the winter. This is how they survived the long cold winters; they would also kill some of the animals that were useful to theme, with their fur and the meat. The fur would be used to make blankets, clothing, and carpeting. They would also grow their own food, such as fruits, vegetables, berries,...

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