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Network Attached Storage Essay

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Network Attached Storage

A NAS (network attached storage) is a system consisting of 1 or more hard drives. This system connects your home or business network and allow those with access to share files from a central location.
Long before social networking sites and cloud storage systems, there was a need for a central memory storage locations for homes and businesses. Think of the NAS as a physical central cloud that would make it easier to share files from one computer to the next with no need for emailing or having to physical transfer the file via a flash drive or CD. The NAS would be connected to the network via either an Ethernet cable or wireless connection.
The speed of the network access is all based on the type of connection to it. An Ethernet connection would provide a speed up to 1GB, while a fiber optic connection with a PCIe network card would provide up to a 10GB connection speed.
The capacity (storage space) varies vastly on the amount of space and the hardware that you are using in conjunction with the NAS. In conclusion there is an infinite amount of storage space available with a NAS.
The NAS uses a RAID storage back up system depended on how many drives are attached to it. It could support up to a RAID 50 back up system.
Its always best to use a some sort of encryption along side the NAS and to keep the internet connection of the NAS down to a minimum. Another ability of the NAS is the ability to establish a management and access control system so only certain folks are able to
A good use of the NAS for personal use is especially wise for people who work in business and/or are in the need of a system that keeps up an intense note keeping or record keeping system. Families can use a NAS for keeping all their personal information, photos and videos in a central location and safe from prying eyes, but without needing to access the internet the family can share favorite photos and videos with each other with ease.

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