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Nevous Essay

  • Submitted by: lela1234
  • on October 18, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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Virginia I. Rivera
Professor Loaiza

When you about to speak to a large amount of people your automatically going to get nervous. Which results in you pacing back and forth, playing with your hair or fingers, or looking down well speaking. Which are the worst things to do when speaking to a audience but its a habit and just want to get it over with. You need to be confident and look like you your not nervous. The worst part about being   nervous is when you forget what you going to say or you keep studding. Which makes it hard for your audience to understand what you saying to them.   You can do a few things to help keep your nervous relax well and before doing your presentation. Before giving your speech give your self a speech saying you can do this and anything else that's positive about yourself and count to 3 in your head. What I do is think about something funny in your head will speaking because it makes it easier for you to speak or picture your audience in their underwear or something funny it helps a lot.

While I will cite the second poll because they are with me not against me. If I want people to be on my side I need to cite articles websites etc that are with me not against me. Since I chose the second poll I don't think its best to to state the short comings because that's something negative about what I'm about to say. I'm trying to convince people to be on my side and not have to think if it a good or bad idea and me stating the short comings will make people second guess their decision.
If I was hearing a plagiarized speech giving by one of my classmates I wouldn't say something to the professor or the student right then and there because it isn't my place , but when it comes to asking the reader questions I will ask a lot of question to make them either tell them professor himself or the professor figuring to out her/him self. If that doesn't work I will wait until the class is over and sleep to the...

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  • Submitted by: lela1234
  • on October 18, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 487 words
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