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New Day by Victor Stafford Reid Essay

  • Submitted by: dokumak
  • on September 19, 2012
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1. Introduction
In this seminar paper, Victor Strafford Reid’s novel New Day shall be presented. It will start with a brief biography of the author and an insight to the plot of the story. Afterwards, an insight to his style of writing will be given and a final conclusion after which the works that were used to cite this seminar will be listed.
2. Victor Strafford Reid
Victor Stafford Reid is a Jamaican writer who wrote with intent of influencing the younger generations by presenting them a revisionist perspective on their history, a celebration of local landscape, traditions etc. using Jamaican vernacular.
He is the author of seven novels, three of which were aimed towards children and several short stories. His novels are mostly about freedom of black culture and through them he describes history, dreams and powers of the Jamaican people. That means that each novel has historical background and each novel has its function. Reid wanted to report completely true history of his people and also wanted to prove the innocence of people who were fighting for Jamaica's independence, because he thought they were portrayed wrongly by the foreign press, which described Jamaican radicals as criminals.
Not only did he want to describe a true history of his country, but Reid's writing also includes his desire to contribute to the education system. Reid did not want Jamaican people to learn about their history through someone else's perspective, especially the English one. That is the reason why he wrote books for children and novels to be used in Jamaican schools through which he wanted to represent everything about his country, historical context, traditions, their language etc.
‘My work is necessarily for the next generation’-Reid (bookrags.com/biography)
One interesting fact is that through his writing Reid was constantly reinventing language and through the combination between Standard English and the native Creole language he created a kind of mixture which...

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