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New Era Management Essay

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Suppose that a password on a computer system consists of six, seven, or eight characters. Each of these characters must be a digit or a letter of the alphabet. Each password must contain at least one digit. How many such passwords are there? The techniques needed to answer this question and a wide variety of other counting problems will be introduced in this section.
Counting problems arise throughout mathematics and computer science. For example, we must count the successful outcomes of experiments and all the possible outcomes of these experiments to determine probabilities of discrete events. We need to count the number of operations used by an algorithm to study its time complexity.
We will introduce the basic techniques of counting in this section. These methods serve as the foundation for almost all counting techniques.
We will present two basic counting principles, the product rule and the sum rule.

THE PRODUCT RULE Suppose that a procedure can be broken down into a sequence of two tasks. If there are n_1 ways to do the first task and for each of these ways of doing the first task, there are n_2 ways to do the second task, then there are n_1n_2 ways to do the procedure.
Example 1.   A new company with just two employees, Sanchez and Patel, rents a floor of a building with 12 offices. How many ways are there to assign different offices to these two employees?  
Example 2. The chairs of an auditorium are to be labeled with a letter and a positive integer not exceeding 100. What is the largest number of chairs that can be labeled differently?
Example 3. There are 32 microcomputers in a computer center. Each microcomputer has 24 ports. How many different ports to a microcomputer in the center are there?
An extended version of the product rule is often useful. Suppose that a procedure is carried out by performing the tasks T_1 , T_2 , . . . , T_m in sequence. If each task T_i , i = 1, 2, . . . , m, can be done in n_i ways,...

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