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Newton’s Second Law Essay

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Below is an essay on "Newton’s Second Law" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Lab 7: “Newton’s Second Law”

Newton’s Second Law
Purpose: To find the graphical and mathematical relationship between the Net forces applied to an object, its mass and acceleration.

Independent: -Hanging mass             Dependent: -Acceleration
          -Force pulling on cart
  * Dynamic Cart with pegs
  * Force Sensor
  * Motion Detector
  * Computer with Logger Pro
  * Lab Pro
  * Ramp with Pulley
  * Mass Sets
  * String

  1. Assemble the Ramp and pulley system as shown.   Attach proper length of String to the Force Sensor, and add a loop at the opposite end for attachment of various weights.
  2. Connect the Force Sensor and Motion Detector to Computer and   Logger Pro software.
  3. Determine and Record the Total Mass of the Cart Force Sensor System.
  4. Find the smallest possible mass that causes the cart to accelerate (Start with 40g).
  5. Release the cart smoothly from the same point on the ramp. Record and repeat the procedure
5 more times; increasing the mass each time (up to 170g).
  6. Determine the acceleration (slope of the velocity vs. time graph) and the Force ( Mean value of the Force vs. Time graph)
  7. Complete the Data Table.
  8. Graph the relationship between Acceleration (y-axis) and Force (x-axis)
  9. Determine the mathematical relationship (linear)

Newton’s 2nd Law Apparatus setup
(Note: the Force Sensor between the cart & string is not shown)
                                      Evaluation of Data
Data Table
Mass(g) | Force (N) | Acceleration (m/s2) |
40 | 0.360 | 0.505 |
90 | 0.554 | 1.111 |
100 | 0.717 | 1.191 |
120 | 0.971 | 1.572 |
150 | 1.170 | 1.672 |
170 | 1.29 | 1.966 |

Mass of the Cart Sensor System: 514 + 119.35 = 633.35 kg


                                      Graph Comments

For every 1N of force applied, the object will accelerate 1.492m/s^2...

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