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Nformative Essay

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PURPOSE SENTENCE:   The purpose of this speech is to persuade my audience that animals should not be used by companies to test cosmetic products.

I.   Picture this:   rows of rabbits wait in cages, their heads tightly clamped in stocks to prevent movement.   The lower lids of the rabbits' eyes are pulled back.   Technicians drip nail polish remover, mascara, shampoo, and astringent into their eyes, where the chemicals stay for three to twenty one days.   The chemicals burn and often blind the animals.

II.   Today you will understand how the cosmetic products that you or your loved ones used come about as a result of cruel animal testing.   You will learn three factors that will help you agree that animal testing for cosmetic purposes is wrong:   first, the tests being conducted on animals is cruel and unusual punishment; second, the cosmetic companies are attempting to deceive the public into believing that they are avoiding animal testing; and, third, these tests are unnecessary and pointless when you understand that chemical tests can accomplish the shame objective.

I.   First, you need to understand how cruel these experiments on animals are.
        A.   The following three tests were defined in a Los Angeles Time article on December 3, 1989.   One test commonly
            referred to earlier is the Draize Eye Test.   As mentioned earlier, rabbits are held down and lab technicians
            drop a variety of harsh chemicals into their eyes to determine how the chemicals will influence the eyes.
                    1.   Rabbits are used because they don't have tear ducts.   They don't have the ability to wash away
                        the chemicals with tears, and so the chemicals stay in their eyes until damage can be determined
                        over a matter of days or even weeks.
        B.   A second test is called the LD50 test.   For this test, animals are force-fed certain substances to determine
              how toxic they are.   Some...

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