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Night and Life Is Beatiful Essay

  • Submitted by: paoguerra
  • on September 20, 2012
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The book Night is mainly about what a kid and his father went through during the holocaust. It tells the story of a young boy trying to survive holocaust. In the book Elie Weisel writes about the things he will never forget. He writes about some images that are forever going to be stuck with him. He also says some feelings he felt during that time.
I have plenty of images, feelings, and ideas that come to mind when I read the book Night, and when I look back on it. One image that for me was very terrifying was when they hung a kid in public. They had everyone gather around and watch the kid be hung. I will never forget that image. A feeling that came upon me was sadness. I felt that that kid had no right to be hung. They had hung him just because of plain cruelty. The idea of a kid being hung for no reason is unfair. He had done nothing wrong to deserve it.
Another image that I will never forget was when Elie Wiesel was getting separated from his mom and sisters. Elie had to see his mom and sisters get separated into another group not knowing if he was ever going to see them again.   I felt such fear and worriedness. If that would have been me getting separated from my family I could only imagine how much it would have hurt me, especially not knowing if I was ever going to see them again. Elie did not deserve to be separated from his mom and sisters. Having to worry for the rest of his life if they were okay and if they were still alive. I felt worried. I will never forget this part of the book. An idea that came to my mind was Elie had no time to even say goodbye. He was just separated in a cruel undeserved way. The idea of him thinking of his old life back, him being with his family safe in his house and not knowing if that was ever going to happen again. I could imagine him just thinking of all the things he had in his old life and then from on moment to another they were all taken from him.
Something I will never forget was the image of Elie’s father getting...

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