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Night of Terror Essay

  • Submitted by: BSM5599
  • on September 22, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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    Jake Random sat slumped on his living room couch watching his 40 inch LED television. The bright light from the television produced a peculiar shadow behind him on his yellow-painted wall. The shadow was in a bizarre shape because of Jake’s spiky hair that always seemed to stand up no matter how hard you tried to flatten it. Nothing interesting that had caught his attention was on, so Jake was stuck with the most boring programme in the world, the news! Jake rolled his blue eyes as it went to the next update. This time, the news announcer was reporting that a serial killer who was also a professional robber, had escaped from The Nottingham Jail. The announcer was also warning people to be more alert. Although Jake knew that The Nottingham Jail was quite near to his housing area, he still didn’t pay much attention. Outside the rain was still not that heavy but it could be seen that a storm was approaching.

    The trees rustled as the wind continued to howl. Back indoors, Jake was starting to doze off. However, he forced himself to stay awake. Deep in his heart Jake knew he didn’t want to waste this moment of being home alone. His dad had gone out for a colleague’s wedding dinner and would be back in a few hours. Jake knew that if he didn’t think of something fun to do fast, he was going to die of boredom. However just like his body his brains were tired too. For the first time ever, Jake regretted staying up late for a football match. After some time, it finally struck Jake’s mind that he could call his neighbourhood friend, Lucas, over. The two of them could play indoor soccer together. After dialing his number and telling Lucas of his plans, Jake decided to warn his friend to come quickly too.
“Hey dude, I think you should come fast before the storm breaks out.”
“Roger that! I’m on my way,” Lucas replied jokingly.
Jake then switched off his television after a glance at the news announcer who was still rambling on about...

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