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Nightmares and Dreams Essay

  • Submitted by: kraide1
  • on September 19, 2012
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Dreams and Their Significance
Man has been infatuated with dreams dating all the way back to the Aborigines.   Dreams have always held very delicate interest to many humanly figures and cultures throughout history. From Freud, to Aristotle, to the wisest yogis, and so on.   Spread across the continents, and finding itself on the plate of ambitious men.   Dreams are one of the most mysterious experiences that we as humans come in contact with.   It is well known that Abraham Lincoln dreamt his own assassination before it occurred.   An incident like this is bound to raise questions to scholars and philosophers who seek out the truth behind such matters.   So I must ask; what is the significance of our dreams, and their connection to our past, present, and future?   Dreams, if interpreted correctly can be of great significance to us the weavers of dreams.
Dreams have been pondered about and taken seriously since the Ancient Egyptians were in business building pyramids.   They would construct great temples to be used as dream shrines, in hopes that their dream experience would have better connection with the gods.   As far as science knows, the Egyptians were the first to interpret dreams with symbols.   They sought the help of priests to read the symbols contained in their dreams.   It is said that some of the Egyptian kings were buried with what they call a dream book.   It seems that dreams are taken lightly or brushed off with ease in the present.   Dreams are very applicable and one must take precautions to aid in the process of finding value in their dreams.   The best way to start interpreting dreams is to keep a detailed dream journal which is similar to the dream book.   It is by writing down our dreams immediately that we are more likely to remember, and have the ability to compare dreams.   Carl Jung interpreted over 80,000 dreams by the time he was eighty.   He stressed the idea that dreams are built on patterns that can be observed.   Aristotle supports this by saying,...

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