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Nine Dragons Company Essay

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Nine Dragons Paper Limited, known as being the biggest paperboard producer in Asia and second largest in the world, saw its share price fall straight down at rapid speed. January 2009 was a very difficult and challenging time for the corporation, having to relentlessly disprove reports that they were on the verge of economic failure by their failure to repair and examine its debts. Being a global powerhouse in the paper business, NDP produced three different kinds of containerboard including linerboard, corrugated duplex and corrugated medium. However, their speedy and major growth came at a cost.
With NDP becoming more and more inventive in using its own electrical power plants, hauling services, and going into numerous joint ventures and long-standing contracts, they spent at great lengths and by the time the global financial system was escalating downwards, they became overloaded by debt and compressed by market conditions. They needed to adjust their financial base but even with the tactical planning of Initial Public Offering and raising debt, when the international economic markets came collapsing and crisis increase worldwide, customers stopped business. Reports of NDP’s possible economic failure were now universal.

Darsel Springer
Case Questions
  1) Mrs. Cheung born from a humble family environment was the ingenious force behind Nine Dragons Paper achievement. Her empire was constructed from waste, particularly discarded cardboard cartons. Mrs. Cheung is a very innovative person. Her thinking is extremely positive, creative, advance and quite original. She possess perseverance, determination with a business and marketing mentality and with her know-how business approaches, constructed a corporation that was a leading force in the industry. Her creativeness and originality is evident as she was the first to use waste paper to create packaging paper.
When it comes to building her company, she believes in expansion, premeditated and tactical planning,...

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