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Nl Studies Essay

  • Submitted by: kylecor
  • on February 18, 2012
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When we look back at history after world war one Germany was weekend by many things with the source above and are knowledge of history I will explain some of these things. In the source above we see a German soldier indicated by the flag, and a doctor standing above him. We see that this German soldier/ man is beat up all over his body indicated by wounds and each with a name that relates to a sertan event that happened to Germany between WW1 and WW2. We also see in the lower captions below the source, “I can draw more blood out of him. All I need to do is give him another needle.” This and along with the pitcher shows use that the source is saying all the help from the west is only hurting Germany.
When we look back at history we see that this is indeed true first we will start at the lag cast that says Versailles. This indicates the treaty of Versailles, this is a agreement that ended ww1 it severely wounded the German people by shaming there name and causing hyperinflation.. Witch ruined there economist. The second thing we see is the young plan and the locano pack raped around the man’ s right arm and his head. The young plan and the locano pack was two thing seat out to help out Germany with money the young plan was were the U.S lent money to Germany to pay there deep but in the end the U.S was the only one that proffered   and the locano pack hurted Germany because it made Germany realize its own borders witch put more shame on Germany.
Throw this analyze of the source and are source of history we see that all the things that people did to Germany pushed them to there breaking point.

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