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No Title Essay

  • Submitted by: tstewart2410
  • on September 21, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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I feel that I would be a lot of help with the store. Bring hard work to the store and do what is right to stay positive around those among me. With it all I see H&M teaching me about life and responsibility. I learn from everything that I see, watching what H&M will have me do and put my time and effort on it just to make it look perfect. If anything H&M is a better place for me, I meet new people and learn from the people that are around me. All I want is to put my best and effort of trying to even make H&M a better place. I want to rise to the top with the store. If the store does even better I want to be part of the reason why the store is better. If anything my reason of me being apart of H&M is learning about HARD work and putting your time into what you do. I wanna work hard just to reach my goal. And my goal is to be a H&M worker. I know a lot of people apply to H&M but most people just apply just to apply, but ME I see myself personally working there do what is right, and my right is putting my dedication into this Job showing H&M that you did a great job of Hiring me. In life we all have the chances and the opportunity to go for what we want and we live in this world where everybody don't have what they want. But if you put the effort of going for what you want then there is a better chance of you getting it. So that is why I'm going for what I want and what I want is H&M and I will hard as is or what yaw ask for, for me to be apart of H&M. I want to bring joy, peace and hard work into H&M. Me being a basketball player, hard works really pay off and if you work hard you become better with what you were working for. That's why if I get the opportunity and be blessed to work in H&M all that yaw ask and what I can is bring the HARDEST work to H&M.

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