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Non Proliferation Essay

  • Submitted by: SEricAdair1
  • on October 17, 2013
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Shawn Adair

Executive Summary
In a world of trying to reduce weapons of mass destruction, a policy must be implemented that is well rounded and balanced for security and humanitarian purposes. Weapons of mass destruction is dangerously known and is a major threat to society as a whole. Nuclear proliferation was and is the major issue on hand that needs to be made aware not only to the governments of the world but to the public at large. The frightening reality of mass destruction by developing nuclear missiles or weapons compels the public to take action in which the United States of America established a treaty titled Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which was open for signatures in July 1968. The treaty is to bring together nations and states of the world to compromise into three major areas: 1) Non-Proliferation designed to limit the spread of nuclear weapons. 2) Disarmament and reduce current stockpiles of nuclear weapons and 3) Utilize a peaceful way to use Nuclear Technology base on energy.
Currently there are 189 nations/states known as signatories of this treaty, 5 of them are fully armed with Nuclear weapons: United States, Great Britain, France, Russia and China (whom are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council). Four nations/states with nuclear weapons: India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea and possibly a fifth, Iran of recent events, whom are not obligated to the NPT. India and Pakistan possess and openly tested nuclear bombs while North Korea has once ratified the treaty but violated their promise and withdrew as a signatory and openly tested their nuclear missiles. Israel has kept their nuclear policies a secret for fear of neighboring terrorist states in the Middle East. Problems and concerns have rose to heightening fear of increased weapons of mass destruction from those who do not advocate NPT. While in effect for 35 years, the NPT is in...

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