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North Korea Essay

  • Submitted by: taylowa
  • on January 6, 2013
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The North versus the World
For most of the history of the world, North and South Korea were united as one nation. However the events of the Korean War in 1950-1953 led to a divided peninsula. Although they are physically connected, the two countries have developed into entirely different enmities with a hostile relationship. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) also referred to as North Korea with a population of about 24 million. It was previously influenced by the Soviet Union which was a communist regime. The Republic of Korea (ROK) also known as South Korea has approximately double the amount of people at around 49 million.   The United States owned south had become influenced by the ways of a democracy and converted itself to a republic for the people. North and South Korea will not reunite because they have very different forms of government, their economies are in different stages of development, and there is a history of conflict involved with the two countries.
To begin with, North Korea is a very hostile and turbulent communist country. Due to the recent death of the beloved leader, Kim Jong-ill, there has been increased hostility in the country. The Korean peninsula is divided along the thirty eighth parallel due to the events of WWII in 1948 adding tension between the two.   Kim ill-sung, the father of Kim Jong-ill, is the founder of the country and won his country’s independence from Japan in October of 1945. He ran his county from then until his death in 1994. Kim Jong-ill then inherited the Supreme Court throne from his father and ruled to his death in late 2011. The new leader Kim Jong Un earlier took the throne from his father after his death. The government form of this very erratic country is a highly centralized communist state. The deadly events that led to the highly confidential ways of North Korea are; The Korea War, WWII, and nuclear weapons. As you can see there are not many things known about their ways of government and how...

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