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Not All Companies Are Equal Essay

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In the land of free trade the public does not view all industries as equal. Because of these views several industries, for years, have been under scrutiny by a vast number of the society. The industries that are mainly targeted are the tobacco, alcohol, sugar, farming, and fast food. Although these industries are under fire from industry critics, they all tend to still flourish financially and make enormous profits. Leading to the view that “the people spoke”, meaning that if the consumer felt the product was not good, why are the consumers buying. There are many industries to dive into details about, but here only one will be addressed, the fast food industry.
        The fast food industry has been under scrutiny of the public for years. The industry has been a target of many consumer advocacy groups and the blame for many of America’s health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.   However, there are other factors outside of just the “fast-food” that leads to these conditions. Therefore the question of if the fast food industry is operating ethically correct is in the hands of each individual.
My belief is that though the industry may be ethical, there are some moral standards that are an issue to critics. Moral standards concern behavior that seriously affects human well-being (Shaw, 2014, p. 5).   The issue most at question is the health benefits of fast food. However I don’t believe that the industry has to be healthy to be in business. The consumer has a choice on whether they want to eat fast food or not. It is not their moral, it may be social, but it’s not their moral responsibility to guide the consumer on how much fast food to consume. Nor do they have the responsibility to tell the “free public” what to and what not to eat. Businesses are put under too much scrutiny, in my opinion, for providing a service or product that’s consumed by millions of people that consciously purchase them.
According to Statista.com, the fast food...

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