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Not Essay Just Some Help

  • Submitted by: RoydenRego
  • on August 7, 2015
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Is Eilis a strong independent woman or a wimpy ass bitch?
  * It can be said that at the start of the novel Eilis lets others make decision for her. This is possibly because of not having a father figure who would tell her about self-independence and not letting others control her.
  * Yet she puts her foot down with Tony stands up for the coloured women, talks to her fellow lodgers.
  * She feels she needs to go to Eniscorthy.
  * She is very indecisive
  * She wants to be a part of tony.
  * Jim is a weak shit, he doesn’t know what he wants with Eilis yet he is in the power.
  * Eilis is a person that wants to please everyone.
  * She feels vulnerable since Roses death.
  * Tony emotionally black mails her.
  * She has a complex relation when she is in Eniscorthy, Brooklyn is a haze and so is tony Vice versa.

Did she make the right choice to go back to Brooklyn?
  * Grows distant from her family and friends
  * Her room doesn’t feel the same. So does none of her clothes.
  * In Eniscorthy Eilis was a good, dependent on others choices person
  * Brooklyn had changed her
  * She had pre-marital sex.
  * As Eilis was with Jimmy at the end, I kept hearing the old 70s song (was it Fleetwood Mack?) "Love the One You're With" in my head. She is obviously physically attracted to both men. Is she too immature to know the difference between love and lust? Both Tony and Jimmy confess their insecurities to her, how devistated they would be if she were to reject him. Eilis is a people-pleaser to some extent. I felt as if she slowly allowed herself to b drawn into the relationship with Jimmy for a mixture of complex reasons: she felt the physical arrousal, he was like a little boy who needed her love and she did not want to hurt him, he represented all that was familiar and comfortable and a relationship with Jimmy would allow her to stay in Ireland, as time and miles passed she disconnected from her life in America. It was if...

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