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Not Just a Painting Essay

  • Submitted by: hushedobsessions
  • on January 25, 2013
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It was an early January morning, the cold wind surrounded the house keeping the family asleep. However, seven year-old Lucy had her eyes opened. Alone in a room, she had trouble sleeping. Every morning, the little girl would wake up exactly four in the morning and stare at the man looking at her lovingly.
He just doesn’t seem like an ordinary man. He looked so nice and calm. Lucy can tell this because His heart glowered in the painting.
Mama said this is Jesus and that every prayer I pray, he will answer it, Lucy thought. So she looked at Jesus’ image for a couple of minutes until His gaze finally cradled her to sleep.

“Lucy?” A voice from the distance called and woke the little girl, it was Lucy’s mother.
“Hi, Mommy…” yawning and rubbing her eyes, she greeted.
“How was your sleep, darling?”
“It was nice, Mommy. There were fairies and flowers… and oh, talking animals too!”
“That sounds great. Why don’t you share it to your sisters? I’m sure they’ll love to listen to your stories.” Her mother, Emma suggested.
They went downstairs to have breakfast and indeed, her twin sisters Diana and Carmela loved what she shared. The beautiful faces around the table were grinning. Lucy smiled, but she wished she could tell her stories to her Daddy.
Lucy’s father died of leukemia before she was a year old. She survived six years without her father’s care, and it was certainly a hard journey not only for her, but for the whole family. Their father was a successful businessman and he had saved a large amount of money for his family. Lucy’s family received some financial support from other relatives and their mother works as a waitress during Fridays and Saturdays to add up the family savings.
The little girl was contented with what she had. She had toys and friends, and good grades too. The thought of not having her father around just challenged her to do great things for him.

Ten years later, a beautiful hazel-eyed Lucy walks up the school campus with all...

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