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Nt1110 Mod 4 Essay

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Module 4 Short Answer: Differentiating Between File Systems
    A FAT32 file system is the system that is primarily used for a large USB flash drive.   The reason that the FAT32 file is used is because, FAT32 files only supports individual files up to 4GB in size and volumes up 2TB in size.   If there was a large video file I wouldn’t be able to save to a FAT32 file system.   A flash drive doesn’t need to be journal like a system drive does.   A flash drive doesn’t need file permissions.   That can cause problems when removable devices are moved between different machines.   There is really no need to use a USB flash drive with NTFS unless there is need to support files over 4GB in size.   In which you would have to format the drive to a NTFS file system.  
    NTFS file system is used to support larger hard drives and is better for security. You’re able to encrypt and permissions that restrict access by unauthorized users.   FAT 32 system files lack the security that NFTS provides.   FAT32 allows any user that accesses the machine to view any files without restrictions.   FAT32 file systems have a limited amount of disk size.  
    FAT32 is a better choice if you want the OS to read the drive.   If the machine is only a
Windows OS, NTFS is perfectly fine, in a Windows computer system NTFS is a better option.   A FAT32 mainly keeps track of the file locations.   NFTS file systems offer enhancements the increase security and performance.   FAT32 can be converted to NTFS, but converting NTFS back to FAT32 is not so easy.

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