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Nuclear Power Essay

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Nuclear power

Thirty countries worldwide operate 435 nuclear reactors with a total net   power rating of about 370
gigawatts (as of 31 August ,2012)
Atomic bombs and nuclear power plants are closely related. And also the “peaceful   use of nuclear
energy” is not really “peaceful”.- there are too nuclear accidents in which people
The Chernobyl accident (4 April,1986) was the worst nuclear disaster of our time. The nuclear
accident,   after the earthquake and the tsunami (11 March, 2011) that happened in Fukushima, is
still not under control, it should be now of a similar severity.

Electricity from artificial nuclear fission sounds at once practical.at first. But it isn't.

Because   the nuclear fission drops dangerous radioactive materials. One of them is plutonium,

bombs can be built by peaople using plutonium. If the fuel is consumed it is full of radioactive

material that must be disposed of as radioactive waste specifically.

Energy can also be generated by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

Here, however, carbon dioxide is released which is a greenhouse gas. But because more and

more greenhouse gases are blown into air, it is getting warmer on our planet.

So everyone is talking about climate change and the fact that   greenhouse gases must

be minimized.

The nuclear power plant itself does not release greenhouse gases. But if you look at

everything that belongs to nuclear energy - what is used to built nuclear power plants, the

obtaining of uranium from the earth of, and the taking away of the nuclear waste.Then it is obvious

that nuclear energy uses fossil fuels and nuclear energy also produces greenhouse gas.

Since 2005, old fuel must be stored here in Germany. This is done in temporary storage.
One of the most famous interim storage facilities is located in Gorleben.

Furthermore, by 2005, the old fuel from the German nuclear power plants were brought in


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