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Nuclear Waste Essay

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​After I read Chapter 4, “The Nuclear Lighthouse,” in Mark Hertsgaard’s book Earth Odyssey, I was astonished to learn the information the world, and much more our country, hides from us.   During this chapter, Hertsgaard goes into detail about Chelyabinsk, a highly dangerous, toxic region in Russia.   Throughout my reading, I became so interested in the stupidity of the citizens and workers in Chelyabinsk that I decided to dig a little deeper and do some research. Environmentally, the situation in Chelyabinsk is not much different from what it was fifteen years ago.   Nuclear waste was such a problem for Chelyabinsk because of the three nuclear disasters that took place there at the Mayak complex.   The man disaster was the third that took place in 1967.   The disaster occurred because people were dumping nuclear waste into Lake Karachay, not realizing the potential consequences.   In 1967, a cyclone went over the lake causing the water filled with nuclear waste to spread everywhere.   But with all the problems that face Chelyabinsk, the people still dump liquid radioactive waste into the lake every year.   The situation at Lake Karachay is not getting any better, it is simply getting worse.
​To add on to all the problems in Chelyabinsk, many of the people continue selling and buying fish from Lake Karachay regarding the fact that the fish are swimming in NUCLEAR waste.   Although the government banned the sale of the fish in 1999, it was lifted two years later when tests showed the fish were clean.   But how are the fish clean if the people are still dumping nuclear waste into the lake?   Yes there are people who understand what is going on and do not eat the fish, but sadly there are people under the influence of the government’s lies.   When I was researching this horrific problem, I hardly could find any statistics from Russia on the nuclear threat in Chelyabinsk.   This is very likely because these statistics are hidden from the public and is only available to those who...

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