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Nvq 3 Work Essay

  • Submitted by: elfow77
  • on October 7, 2012
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1.2i) Learning – being able to communicate and better still, able to nderstand speech opens doors in children’s overall development.   Learning is all about the cognition of the child, this mean their ability to process and use info that they have gained, like when a child sees leaves falling off of trees and they are told this is because it is autumn. This make a child see what season they are in and question what is around them. This is just one way a child and illustrate learning through others and then question it to learn more. Eg. They can make the connections between what they are seeing and hearing now and then come to their own conclusion about it.   At this point we can understand the limitation of body language, facial expressions and guestures, when lauguage is not avabliable. These can allow for instant communication however, they cannot help a child to understand what is being seen or provide a way in which afterward the child can communicate what they have seen. This means that children who onle have basic communication skills of body language, guesture and facial expressions find it difficult to communicate concepts.
1.2ii) emotional development – being able to control yur emotions is a major part of emptional development. As adults we find it hard at points to control our emotions when put in different situation but as adults we have the ability to control them when needs be. However children don’t always have this ability. As babies and toddlers, they struggle with this a huge amount, but as language develops they find it easier as they can finally express their needs to others. Tantrums and outbursts are linked to frustration, jelousy or anger have a tendency to disappear as children find their ways of talking it through how they are feeling. This is one of the reasons why as a good practitioner you should name emothions, like sad, happy and angry, this is so children can understand what they are feeling and have ways of expressing it...

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