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Ob3-Leadership-Busi1323 Essay

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Organization Behavior 3 – Leadership Busi1323 Leadership development portfolio

Author: Phuoc Huynh Huu ID: bs1219 Email: Phuochhbs1219@fsb.edu.vn


Table of contents
1. Introduction 2. .Awareness through Leader Self-Insights 3. Introspection Statement. 4. Integration and Extension: Personal Model and Theories of Leadership with Development Plan 5. Conclusion 6. References 7. Appendices and Reflection through Personal Mission

1.Introduction The leadership development portfolio is written evaluate my ability in leadership and create my plans to develop my leadership ability as at present as well as in the future. The portfolio includes 3 main sections. The first section is about self-awareness and self-assessment through 5 leader Self-Insights. The second one is mentioned about my Personal Mission Statement. And section 3 which discusses about my personal Model and some Theories of leadership with my leadership development plans. 2. Awareness through Leadership self-Insights. 2.1 Receiving Feedback In our contemporary society, most followers try to work harder within a group or an organization because they want to perform well and receive appropriate recognition. However, they sometimes have poor performances and get negative feedback from their supervisors. This test helps me to indicate how I can manage feedback from my supervisor. In the test, I got the highest scores for both my feedback seeking behavior and feedback mitigating behavior. This means that I like receiving feedback from my supervisor when I have good work performance. When I perform my work well, I would like to be recognized by others to motivate me to be continuously developed in the future. And I am also an effective and good follower who always takes responsibility to correct my poor performance and keep my boss informed. However, I got 2 scores for my feedback avoiding behavior. This score is really high. This means that I often avoid receiving negative feedback from my boss...

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