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Objective Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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Objectives & Issues (Where do we want to go?)

Objectives are statements that describe what is to be accomplished to capitalize on opportunities and/or overcome problems during the planning period. Effective objectives are brief but have enough detail to provide specific guidance to managers.

Generally, all kinds of the objectives fall into two categories: direct and indirect. Direct objectives are focused on achieving some kind of action-oriented results. For instance, direct objectives might focus on increased sales. Direct objectives are sometimes also called marketing objectives. This is because many fundamentals of the marketing mix (e.g. price, product, and place) can be measured directly. However, many aspects of the promotion mix need to be measured indirectly.
Indirect objectives focus on pre-action steps on the sequence of effects. For example, indirect objectives may focus on changing attitudes, increasing awareness, etc. Indirect objectives are also sometimes called communication objectives.
As with any appropriate objective, the marketing objectives must be (SMART) Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and have a Time deadline. An objective that follows SMART is more likely to succeed because it is clear (specific) so the more specific, the more useful objectives will be, for instance, “To achieve increasing on sales for the next year by 15%". The next step is to be (measurable) objective which is easy to measure the objectives that set by monitoring sales, as the previous example of the sales. A SMART objective is likely to happen because it is an event that is (achievable). Before setting a SMART objective relevant factors such as resources and time were taken into account to ensure that it is (realistic). Finally, need (time frames) element informs a deadline which helps to focus on the tasks required to achieve the objective. The timescale element stops delay task completion

Putting all SMART objectives together and...

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