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Oddyseus Business Letter

  • Submitted by: bribri159
  • on January 24, 2013
  • Category: History
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1266 Brave Ave.
Newport Beach, CA 92701

5 December 2012

Dear pollyl,

I saw your advertisement in the newspaper for the position of Hero. I would gladly like it if you would pick me to be hero because I am already known as a hero in my hometown and I just moved to   and I would love to be known as hero here also. I don't want you to just pick me because i am telling you to, I have numerous reasons for you to pick me, and here they are.

Firstly,   when I was trying to find food for my men and I off an Island off the coast of the Cyclops main island, I saw food in a cave. The cave was home to a Cyclops. He was going to eat my men and I but I got the Cyclops drunk which caused him to pass out. Then, I poked the Cyclops eye with a red hot burning stake. Several of my men and I made it out of the cave stealth from tying us to the bottom of his sheep because I knew that the Cyclops always, as a daily routine, let his sheep out to do their business. "The Cyclops bellowed and the rock roared round him, and we fell back in fear. Clawing his face he tugged the bloody spike out of his eye, threw it away, and his wild hands went groping; then he set up a howl for Cyclopes who lived in caves on windy peaks nearby." (Homer, 927)

Next, when I came back to Ithaca to try to get my wife back, all the suitors were protecting her in our castle. While I was on my 20 year journey, Penelope was very desolation. I wanted to return to my wife, Penelope, in Ithaca after the ten year Trojan War. When I was gone Suitors attempt to get Penelope to pick a new mate and king of Itaca. All the suitors hated me in a abominably way because they wanted to have my wife, Penelope, and all of the suitors wanted to kill me. I once said "If only that I met the suitors, They'd have their consummation, a cold bed!"(Homer, 936).   At the right moment, when the suitors were most vulnerable, I attacked and killed all 108 of them. I was an allusion as a beggar and had help from...

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