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Oedipus the King Essay

  • Submitted by: Panduhbear
  • on January 24, 2013
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Oedipus the King Cause and Effect:
As a result of Oedipus’s search for the truth, he has messed up his life.  He caused Jocasta to kill herself.  He blinded himself in both eyes.  Creon becomes kind of Thebes, and his family becomes broken.  He has not only ruined his life but yet many others.
                During the search for the truth, Oedipus has set out to find, Jocasta got very sick of it and demanded him to stop.  While Oedipus was talking to the chorus about how Jocasta’s actions of becoming suddenly emotional made them wonder what she was thinking.  When Jocasta had left and they were wondering where she went.  The second messenger had come out to tell them the breaking news.  Queen Jocasta had hung herself and misery to some.
                Oedipus’s own tragedies and conflict leads him to a life of darkness.  His thinking that his wife killed herself because of him makes him do things that lead him to pain.  Oedipus sticks needles in his eyelids until blood and tears ran down his face.  After he does this tragic thing to himself, he was saying he doesn’t deserve to see after making all the conflicts he created.
                As a result of Oedipus being banished, running away, and stabbing his eyes out, he has ruined his family.  When Jocasta killed herself, she took away a mother from her children.  Oedipus runs away after the prophecy tells him he will kill his dad and marry his mom.  It all results of the life he had when he was a child.
                Oedipus blinds himself, Creon returns to the kingdom.  Creon becomes kind and doesn’t want to but banishes Oedipus anyway.  Because he wants to save his kingdom, he allows Oedipus wishes and promises to take care of his family.  His anger changes to pity as he sees him, he forgives him.  Creon gets the life he doesn’t want and finally becomes king.
                At the end of Oedipus’s story, his life was in a shambles.  Jocasta kills herself after she told Oedipus to stop his search...

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