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Of Mice and Men Essay

  • Submitted by: 33avill
  • on September 19, 2012
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enThe novel ‘Of Mice And Men’ is set in America during the 1930’s and follows the occurrences of life for two migrant workers, George and Lennie. The two men are typical workers of that time, travelling to find work due to the depression with no set home or families, no money to buy nice clothes and no education so they mostly spoke in dialect. We learn these poor people each had their own different personalities regardless of the fact they were not very knowledgeable. We soon learn that George and Lennie’s friendship is very rare for migrant worker and why they stick together.
We see from the very beginning of the novella that George and Lennie have it hard
When Lennie is first introduced to us we gain an extremely strong impression of him when Steinbeck describes how he walks:
“Dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags its paws”
By comparing Lennie to a bear we get the impression that he is primitive, unpredictable and instinctive.”Dragging his feet” however makes him sound like a worn out child, but we know him to be a grown man, this is where we get the first hint that he may have some sort of impediment.   When he drinks from the river without stopping to check if it is clean George comments:
“You’d drink out of a gutter if you was thirsty”. Here we imagine a man who is not intelligent enough to even hesitate before drinking out of a river; he does not seem to have a care in the world. He also drinks in an animal like fashion “snorting into the water”. Lennie’s intellectual challenges come across clearly, as he is presented to the reader as almost less than human. During this section of the novel we also learn how he looks up to his friend like a big brother or father figure. He admires George and aspires to be precisely like him, Lennie “imitates George exactly”. Not only does he copy him but wants praise and “looked over to him to see if he had it just right”. This shows the child inside of him because he is looking for a ‘seal of approval’....

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