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Of Mice and Men Essay

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  • on October 4, 2012
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How does George and lennie’s relationship develop during the first three chapters?
In the novel of mice and men, George and lennie’s relationship builds and gets stronger in the first three chapters but does encounter some rough patches between the two travelling friends; on search for a job to get them their dream house one day.
George and Lennie are travelling together in search of a job to earn them some cash. Spending every minute of every day with each other does have an effect on how their relationship develops in chapters one to three.
In chapter one George and lennie are on the run from their recent destination of weed, they were chased out of there after an incident involving lennie and a girl. They’re now travelling seeking to find a job to earn them some cash. On the road to finding the job George gives lennie a lot of instructions for lennie to follow as he is very thick and needs looking after. This can lead to George yelling at lennie and getting cross at him as he is a potential danger of messing things up for George and their chances of getting the dream house. A quotation to show how George treats and controls lennie is” think I’d let you carry your own work card” this quotation shows that George is in charge of lennie’s actions and belongings as George fears that he is capable of losing or damaging anything he touches.
As George and lennie approach the job interview it’s clear in how George treats lennie ,that George needs to keep lennie quiet throughout the interview so he does not mess up there chances of the getting the job. Their relationship doesn’t seem to get any better as George really lays into lennie and gets very frustrated at him as getting the job is very important to him. A quotation from the book showing how the job interview has an effect on George and lennie’s relationship is “hide in the bush till I come for you. Can you remember that?” this quotation shows that George is spending a lot of time lecturing lennie on how to...

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