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Of Mice and Men Essay

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  • on October 7, 2012
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Explore the way in which Steinbeck presents the relationships between between Curleyâs Wife and other characters in Of Mice and Men

In the book Of Mice and Men the author John Steinbeck presents Curleyâs Wife dramatically different to his other characters. Throughout the story she remains nameless, only known as âCurleyâs Wifeâ and yet she is constantly mentioned around the ranch. She wanders around gaining many different reactions from âsheâs purtyâ to âmarried a tartâ. By presenting us with only one female character Steinbeck is suggesting that their is no real place for women on the ranch and their role in society is made clear. Steinbeck also never gives Curleyâs Wife a name, this presents her as being Curleyâs possession and nothing more.

Curleyâs Wife is introduced not by here appearance but in conversation between George and Candy. She is the only character Steinbeck introduces in this way, that is by being spoken of and described in detail, before being met by George and Lennie. In chapter 2 Candy begins to describe Curleyâs relationship with his wife. âMarried two weeks and got the eye? Maybe thatâs why Curleyâs pants is full of ants.â Steinbeck tells us here that the couple do not have a strong relationship at all and suggests that Curleyâs Wife has become bored with her new husband and she has turned to the ranch hands, perhaps to make Curley jealous. The reader expects a close affectionate relationship between Curley and his wife but Steinbeck presents it completely differently and this makes the reader feel slightly hostile towards Curleyâs Wife.

In chapter 4 this hostility is intensified during the scene between Curleyâs Wife and the âWeak oneâ Lennie, Candy and Crooks. She refers to them as the âWeak onesâ, âThey left all the weak ones hereâ, but she is also referring to herself as being one of societies âweak onesâ. The woman, the mentally challenged, the old and the negro are all people who everyone in society seems to have forgotten...

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