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Of Mice and Men Essay

  • Submitted by: ancientgirl
  • on October 17, 2013
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OF MICE AND MEN – John Steinbeck

The boss features by means of a discussion on pages 39 to 41 when Candy says to George and Lennie.” The boss was expectin’ you last night”.

The boss was “sure burned” when the new men did not arrive as expected.   The boss is expected any minute to check whether the new workers have arrived.

The boss’s personality is presented by Candy as a “pretty nice fellow” but who can also get “pretty mad”.   The boss appears in person.   His manner of dress proves that he is not a labouring man.   His body language shows, by means of sticking his thumbs in his belt and keeping his hat on and his short quick steps corresponds with his authoritative attitude.   His facial expressions portray him to be a shrewd observer.   He is meticulous in recording date and time (page 42) when he scrutinises George for answering on behalf of Lennie.

The following words describe his personality:
‘playful finger;’   ‘said suddenly ‘what can you do’ (in other words be specific).   He gets irritated with George for answering all the questions.   His actions are deliberate.   The question he puts to George shows his insight into personality.   He is persistent in obtaining the information he wants.   He is authoritatively alert and in control of any situation showing that they must be beware.   His warning dismissal of them is evident by the abrupt way when he goes to the door and giving them and a last warning look.

In conclusion, the kind of power that is demonstrated here can be defined as authority.

The similarity between the boss and Curley becomes evident in the manner of dress, e.g. like the boss, he wore high heeled boots but he also wears a working glove on his left hand.   His face is described in detail which indicates his name, i.e. “a head of tightly curled hair”.   It would appear that he could have an intimate relationship with the boss, e.g. page 46 “seen my old man?”   He indicated that he was going to look for his father but then his eyes...

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