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Offred's Survival Essay

  • Submitted by: melinena
  • on October 17, 2013
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Offred is a Handmaid in ‘The Republic of Gilead.” She states that her story is very difficult and painful to tell because she suffered so much just to survive in this dystopian society. She fights everyday for her survival. She always does what she is told and occasionally takes a risk just to add some excitement to her life. We know very little about her and she never states her own name.
We do, however, know a little about her past. Her memories help tell us about her life before Gilead. She uses her past as a reminder that she is still human and has her own needs. When she is lonely and bored she remembers how nice it was to have friendships and love. She also uses her memories at the “Red Center” as lessons of how to survive in this society. An example would be how Aunt Lydia says that there is more then one type of freedom, there is   “Freedom of and freedom from.” Because Aunt Lydia disliked how men took advantage of women before, she means to say that Women are “freer” now then they were before and the girls shouldn’t think it is a kind of imprisonment. Another aspect of her past that helps her in her battle of survival is her best friend Moira. Moira is a figure of hope of a way out for Offred. This is because she escaped from the “Red Center” by using her talents in mechanics and what she liked doing best, being different. Offred thinks of Moira a lot when in a situation where she just feels trapped in the society and wants a way out. She would think of what she would do in her situation and what she would say.
Offred is very determined to survive as long as she can. Her Commander is her last chance of survival. If she doesn’t get pregnant by him, she has to be sent to the colonies where the “Unwomen,” or women who are unfit, go. This creates a “survival of the fittest” kind of situation. One example of how this is true is when we find that Janine is pregnant. Because Janine is pregnant, she will never be sent to the colonies. This also takes place when...

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