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Ohm's Law Essay

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Ohm’s law
Lab# 18

The specific objective of this lab is to determine was to analyze the relationship between voltage and current in a given resistor.
Current is the flow of an electrical charge, which is expressed in amperes (amps). Voltage is the electromotive force (potential difference), which is expressed in volts. Resistance is the material’s opposition to the flow of electric current which is measured in ohms. Ohms’ Law is the law that states electrical current is proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance. The ammeter (measures amperes) is connected in series with in a circuit. The voltmeter (measures volts is connected in parallel within a circuit.

1. Do not turn on the power source. Properly wire the circuit with the power source the voltmeter and the ammeter. Leave the circuit open for resistors and get teachers approval before moving on.
2. Draw the circuit with resistors where it was left open.
3. Using the resistor in circuit 1, connect the wires and adjust the power supply so that the current listed first is read on the ammeter. Read and record data in the table.
4. Using the same resistor adjust the power supply so that the ammeter records the second current.   Record the data.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the rest of the circuits.
6. Apply Ohms Law to the data and calculate resistivity
Printed value of resistor Tolerance range Current
(mA) Current
(A) Voltage
(V) Resistance
Circuit1 Resistor 1 60ohms +/-3.00ohms 100mA .10A
.32A 6.2V
19.8V 61.94ohms
Circuit2 Resistor2
120ohms +/-6.25ohms 100mA
150mA .10A
.15A 13V
19.7V 130.65ohms
Circuit3 Resistor3 150ohms +/- 7.50ohms 40mA
60mA .04A
.06A 7v
9.6V 167.5ohms
Circuit4 Resistor4
10ohms +/-.50ohms 100mA
200mA .10A
.20A 1V
2V 10ohms
Percent error: circuit1- 3.23%, circuit2- 4.52, circuit3-11.68%, and circuit4- 0%
The only resistor that was...

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