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On the Right Side of the River Essay

  • Submitted by: stingray913
  • on October 5, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Cannibals, head hunters and a gay guy from Brooklyn, you can’t make this up.   What a film, unbelievable!   What a story… The first thing that comes to mind is “Don’t Judge a book by its cover”.   This saying can be applied to Tobias Schneebaum a Jewish American artist and anthropologist who experienced living and traveling among the Arakmbut people of Peru, and the Asmat people of Western New Guinea.   Now I like to think of myself as a strong person, open minded with a good heart and a clear conscious.   When I imagine myself in the shoes of Tobias all of the sudden I start to question just how strong of a person I am?   Am I as open minded as I think I am when it comes to other social or cultural group or am I ethnocentric?   Mentally, I put myself in some of the situations Tobias found himself in then question myself. How good of a heart do I really have?   Would I still consider myself to be a person of “clear conscious”?   I believe that behavior should be judged in relation to the values of the cultural in which it occurs, but when I imagine myself in that culture can I apply this idea to myself.   Can I do as the Romans when in Rome?  
Tobias Schneebaum spent seven months with the Arakmbut people of Peru.   They fished with him; they taught him how to hunt or at least tried to.   For all intensive purposes adopted Tobias as one of their own.   One day, while on what Tobias thought was a routine hunt the Arakmbut people raided another village.   This is where it starts to get tricky.   Men, women and children scared, running for their lives.   Watching their village destroyed and their fellow tribe’s men and women killed.   In the middle of all this there is Tobias, he is part of this raid, he does nothing to try to stop it.   He goes along with it, at one point even allows a fellow Arakmbut to put a spear in his hand and guides him as they both in what seems to be like some kind of initiation or ritualistic sorts, puts the head of the spear into a dead man’s body.   After...

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