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On the Road Book Report

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  • on January 7, 2013
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Portfolio 3
Portfolio assignment 4.1: Book Report
Daniel Davo G

On The Road
– By Jack Kerouac

Part 1: A summary of the novel, including the main characters, setting, plot,
and major conflicts.

The novel “On the Road” is structured by five parts, where each part has its own chapters.
The two main characters are the narrator, Sal Paradise, and his crazy friend Dean Moriarty
who becomes a strong influence in Sal´s eager search for adventure and kicks. This novel is
considered to be based on the travels of the author (Kerouac) and his friends across
America, Sal being the author and Dean representing Neal Cassidy. The narrative takes
place in the years 1947 to 1950, all across America and part of Mexico. The story begins
with Sal´s first trip to San Francisco shortly after his divorce where he meets Dean
Moriarty, who is “tremendously excited with life”. The hunger for road, the excitement of
hitchhiking across the states fuels Sal, who is in search of something. The novel consists of
many detailed and pure vivid images described by the narrator as his own perception, a
truly classified work of the Beat Generation. The novel follows Sal´s exciting adventures,
romantic relations, and longing for belief in life, Dean sure is tremendous in the story as I
portray him “the trouble-maker”. The story is full of natural events that happen on the road
alongside jazz, drugs, and poetry. The characters get involved in many twisting conflicts,
and always, returning to the road. After all the travels, all the women, Sal ends up settling
and waves goodbye to the road, while Dean, Dean never changes. The epic nature of the
adventures gave me a rush of excitement and the text created a tremendous sense of
meaning and purpose, too much to think on. I discovered how the characters evaded their
responsibilities and sad emotions with the road; what does the road represent in my life?

Part 2: A brief biography of the author.
Jean-Louis “Jack”...

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