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Once Upon a Time Essay

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Science – the process for producing knowledge methodically and logically.
Reproducibility – getting the same result twice to be sure about a conclusion.
Replication – repeating studies or tests.
Deductive reasoning – reasoning based on your own logic.
Inductive reasoning – reasoning based on many observations.
Scientific theory – has been proven and is accepted by the scientific community.
Natural experiment – an experiment that involves an observation of events that have already taken place.
Manipulative experiments – altering conditions but keeping variables the same in an experiment.
Controlled study – using both a treatment group and a control group.
Blind experiment – not knowing which group (treatment or control) has been treated.
Double-blind experiments – neither researcher knows which group has been treated.
Dependent variable – only one, affect by independent variable.
Independent variable – can be more than one.
Positive feedback loop – when a flow leads to a compartment changes that further enhance the flow.
Negative feedback loops – dampen flows.
Resilience – when systems recover quickly from disturbances.
Open systems – take inputs from elsewhere.
Emergent properties – characteristics of a whole, functioning system that are quantitatively or qualitatively greater than the sum of the system’s parts (human body is more than what we are made of).
Ethics – determine whether actions are right or wrong.
Inherent value – humans, because they are humans, have to be treated a certain way = inherent value.
Instrumental/conferred value – tools because they are objects can be treated with different care.
Ecofeminism – the idea of many feminist philosophers that the reason we mistreat nature is because of how we mistreat minorities, women, children, and others who lack power or knowledge.
Stewardship – taking care of resources we are given.
LULUS – unwanted land uses (trash/dumps).
Environmental racism – inequitable distribution of...

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