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One Direction Essay

  • Submitted by: zainabfatima1D
  • on August 3, 2015
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The most important thing in my life, five guys, one band, One Direction. Made up of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. The cutest guys you could imagine. Everything about them is beautiful. Every single one of their songs is the most heavenly song you will ever hear. Their voices are more breath taking than you could imagine and angels voice being. Each member has beautiful personalities as well, another reason I love them so very much. One Direction, the most important thing in my life.

Every song on both of One Direction's albums are very moving in both ways anything can be moving. The moving where you literally move around and dance, and the moving where there are just tons of emotions. Some songs have one of the two, and some have both. Their song Heart Attack has the dancing kind of moving because it has an amazing beat that just makes you want to move around the room and party. One Direction's song Little Things has the emotions kind of moving, with the lyrics that make you want to cry because they are so meaningful. But their song Rock Me, has the moving where you just want to be in a group of your friends and laugh and dance like kings and queens. It also has the emotions kind of moving because when you listen to the lyrics it has this meaning that just puts a spotlight on any caring emotions you have. Whether it has the dance moving or emotion moving, or both, every song by One Direction is the most extraordinary song ever.

One Directions voices are another reason I love them so much. Both their singing voices and talking voices can catch anyone speechless. Liam has a voice that isn't too low, but isn't too deep, and he has a Wolverhampton-British accent that makes everyone giggle from its cuteness. Louis has a voice that is high and very soft and delicate sounding, with his Doncaster-British accent. Zayn has a deep rich sounding voice with a Bradford-British accent. Niall has a soft and deep voice with his gorgeous...

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