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One Test, Two Pink Lines, And Three Lives Essay

  • Submitted by: callielousmom
  • on February 18, 2012
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One Test, Two Pink Lines, and Three Lives
Cassandra Jamison
Everest University

One test, two pink lines, and three lives

My whole life and the direction it was going changed in one moment. That moment didn’t only change my life though, it changed my whole family. In one day I went from a naïve teenager to a mom-to-be. I knew from that day on I would have to change the way I did things and I would have to be more careful with myself and my baby.
The day I found out I was pregnant with my daughter began wet, cold, and rainy.   It started with a tense ride with my mom to the doctor’s office. When we arrived I was directed to pee in a cup and then sit in the waiting room. The waiting room was cheerful enough with comfortable chairs and sofas, bright murals on the walls, and the faint scent of apple-cinnamon. After a nail-biting wait, the nurse called my name and ushered us into an exam room. Shortly after getting settled the doctor came sweeping into the room and announced, “Congratulations you’re pregnant”.
I remember sitting on the cold, scratchy, and hard vinyl exam table in shock. All I could think was my life was over at seventeen. Once I had recovered enough to dress and compose myself, I drew a deep breath and stole a glance at my mom. She was pale white, the color of paper or a freshly bleached shirt. I could almost smell the anger coming from my mother. To my surprise she turned to me and said, “We will figure it out”.
Once we left the doctor’s office we proceeded to our favorite Chinese restaurant, East buffet.   The waitress got us seated at a table and went to fill our drink orders. My mother got up from the table to go get food and I sat there in silence waiting for the other shoe to drop. My mom was too calm and collected; I kept waiting for her to blow. After she got back I went up and got food even though I wasn’t that hungry. After I got back to the table is when she started talking to me. The first thing she said was, “I won’t allow you to...

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