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Online Journal Religion Essay

  • Submitted by: anissia01
  • on January 6, 2013
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Online Journal-religion

Week four, learned so much more about other religions, how the German Americans were treated, and the persecution they had to endure. I learned that there are 34 different religions that exist today. They are similar in some ways and different in another.
There always has been religion in America and foreign countries before Jesus was born, and religion will continue to thrive as it has then. Religious is a very important aspect in people’s lives but it is a touchy subject for individuals to discuss.
There are many different beliefs, and practices when it comes to religion. With the many different religion’s there are different history’s, different beliefs in the human situation and life’s purpose, the belief or non-belief of after life, and if there is a God or Universe.
Reading, (The Big Comparison Chart) showed me how diverse America has become. I only knew about Baptist, Hindu’s, Christians, Atheist, Catholics, Islam, Jehovah Witnesses, and Judaism. I was surprised to learn of the twenty six more that exist.
I am not confused about the different religions because I know we are all human but different. Yes we all eat, drink, cry and love but we have different beliefs and that should be accepted. But as we know, there is discrimination, and persecution that still exist today. It is not the same as it was in the past. But it still exist and in some countries it is still the same as the pass. Week four is similar to week one, week two, and week three. In week one, and two, I learned about race, ethnicity, and religious beliefs.   In week three, I learned about the causes of discrimination, but it does not make it right.
The three things that I learned was: that there are so many different religions that exist today, about the differences in ethnic values, and that the German Americans were intimidated and ridiculed and why it was tolerated.

Even though our History and our present is different, it is similar when it comes to...

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